Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Pump Station and Secret Towers

Last nite, I was browsing a less than respected UE webring and I stumbled upon a site allegedly somewhere in my town that I had never seen before. It was a big pump station. The post didn’t say where it was except Easthampton. Now, Klondike and I know this town like the back of our hands. We’ve been riding bikes everywhere there is to go and driving every road for as long as I can remember. I had a rough idea of where this pump station was due to the industrial nature of our town in certain sections and the style of forest where it was located.

Ended up calling up NinjaC7 (the local guy who posted about it) to find out where it was. He gave us the general vicinity of the place (exactly where I thought) so Klondike and I walked around for about two hours in and out of marshy bogs deep in mosquito and tick infested woods, through gravel pit yards, and around abandoned industrial properties to no avail.

We ended up calling him back and he agreed to come down with a buddy and lead us to it. He came and we found out the pump station had been right where we were in the first place, camouflaged amidst the greenery of Massachusetts “damn near tropical” forests (as Klondike put it).

We walked the path and NinjaC7 showed us we had to duck our way in by going through the ceiling and climbing down a series of water pipes deep into the black depths akin to the pit in the beginning of Army Of Darkness. We crept down and the smell of fresh spray paint was all over the place, showing us that punk ass kids were still using it to tag. Once down there, we discovered a bunch of barrels filled with wood, HUGE water pumps, and vast corridors leading into the blackness. Pretty cool to see a random pump station with NO road having ever led to it sitting in the middle of the woods. Check out the pics below to see the exterior/interior of the station.

Having finished up our photography and ‘splorin, we used our ninja moves and got back up to the humid forest. We glanced over and to our surprise, in the middle of the forest, stood two HUGE water towers. One was wooden and looked like Donkey Kong’s treehouse, and the other was a steel behemoth covered in festive rust. See the pics below. It’s pretty amazing to see sitting in the woods amongst the overgrowth and vegetation. *also* anyone who climbs up the rickety-ass ladder to the top of the wood water tower and gets someone to snap a pic of them up there gets 50 bucks straight out of my own pocket! You wouldn’t dare… would you?

We’ve come to the conclusion that the pump station served as a generator to suck water power into the canal to feed a certain industrial property lying next to the woods. Pretty crazy that they just left those huge structures there in the woods that could pose a danger to passerby’s of a much used transit system nearby. Big thanks goes out to NinjaC7 for taking time to show us this spot!

If you want a little clue as to where this hidden bunker deal is located, check out the picture below. Happy ‘splorin!

More Pictures To Come Tomorrow!
-01027 Ninja and Klondike.