Monday, June 16, 2008

New Pump Station Pictures!

Hey guys, Ninj here. I just got some 35mm film developed from yesterday's trek. here's some new pictures from the Pump Station Adventure yesterday. Captions will be underneath explaining each picture further!

This picture is pretty close to the bunker. Notice how the overgrowth has basically camouflaged it from plain sight. Had you been on a trail 25-30 feet away, chances are you'd have past right by it. (Me and Klondike did the first time at least....)

This picture is from much closer. Still pretty much looks like a dike or some kind of stone wall serving no purpose. But upon closer inspection....

Universal entranceway, Ninja Style. Right through the roof. This picture shows NinjaC7 way up front explaining how to get through, with Klondike to the right listening, and NinjaC7's accomplice walking up to view. Funny thing about this pump house is that it blends in so well with the surroundings that even the roof just looks like forest floor (well, minus the big metal grates.)

Ah, the main chamber. So well preserved historically. Notice the random gearshift from a manual transmission lying atop the platform. (wtf?)

The floors of this room were so disgusting. The old wood scrap pulp melted in with all the rest of the crap laying around here from the humidity and water being rained down in for years and years and made the floor like walking on oatmeal. thank god the actual floor was cement or we'd be somewhere deep underground right now. Rumor has it there used to be a mattress in this room where the less than economically fortunate/young punks would take their companions to fornicate. As NinjaC7's accomplice said, "at least they were romantic....". Klondike later found the aforementioned mattress on a side trail leading to the water towers.

Here we have a staple of abandoned properties. Big steel trash can o'wood. Don't ask me why people load up their steel trash cans with wood chunks and never burn them or take them to a different location, but here's a shining example!

Here's a nice little shot of the donkey kong treehouse water tower, with its shorter steel behemoth tower lying behind it. From here you can see the strips of wood coming apart and falling gradually, as well as the "leaning tower" style pitch the top is beginning to get. Hell, on second thought, it looks like that big wooden barrel that splashes down on the kids at the Six Flags water park there. Anyhow, Kevin- If you're still up for climbing this for fifty bones following the viewing of this picture, I applaud you.

Until the next one,
01027 Ninja.